Our seconds shop is currently closed

Latest Update:

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Once or twice a year we add stock to our online seconds shop.

Stock is very limited so we notify newsletter subscribers about the launch first to give you a head start.

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What do we call a second?  Sometimes we make little mistakes in printing or find small flaws in a finished item. Some seconds are perfect quality but are end of line.

Each collection has more info about what you can expect. We wouldn't sell you anything that we wouldn't have in our own homes.

Please note that product images are for illustration only and are not the exact items you will receive.

If all items in a collection are sold out you won't be able to open the collection.

The sale is first come first served and usually sells out very quickly. We might only have one or two of some things. Having something in your basket doesn't stop someone else checking out before you.

Our shipping time for seconds sale purchases may be longer then usual.